Mini Missions

You might think that only superheroes save the world, and that in between driving to work, the school run, ...

How smart technology is empowering Scottish rural energy projects

Many rural communities across Scotland draw the short straw when it comes to home energy options. Homes are...

What do you think?

The choices we make about energy are among the most important decisions we face. The supply of safe, reliab...

Is it time to re-energise your old home?

Older homes can be charming and it’s great fun to spot some of the amazing properties we have in Scotland...

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Paws for Thought – Episode 2

Our pets have curious habits, but maybe we can learn something from them. We've created a series of videos ...

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New energy efficiency grant

We know (because we do a lot of research) that one of the biggest barriers to making energy efficiency impr...

Welcome back Doug

Doug the draught excluder returned to TV, tablet, PC and smart phone screens today as part of our latest Ho...

How to make your home warmer and cheaper to heat

Broadly, there are 2 things you can do when it comes to making your home warmer, cheaper to heat and tackl...

Father's Day (or Any Day) Good Book Points

How to get in your (grand)parents or in-laws good books. I have a respectable a...

Rugbytots tackling climate change

Rugbytots parents joined forces at Holyrood High...

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Saving the world isn’t just for the movies

Help Scotland fight climate change Jack Ryder is a man on the mission…to save the...

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Greener Gadgets

Get smart: Five clever tech tricks to tackle climate change With loads of clever gadgets up their...

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Turn over a New Leaf in 2016

Happy New Year! Now is the traditional time to start thinking about your resolutions for the coming year. W...

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Sparkle at home with LED bulbs

‘Living more sustainably can be as easy as changing your light bulb’ As the day...

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Energy Pimp Your Home - John Lewis Edinburgh

Being energy efficient can be about the fabric of your home, such as insulation, your windows or heating sy...

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Passing It On Extras

Extra scenes from Passing It On, the second series of Too Good to Waste.

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If everyone in Scotland...

We can do so much if we do it together. Watch our videos to find out what could happen if everyone in Scotland joined together to live a greener lifestyle.

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Food waste recycling in your area

Many local authorities in Scotland now offer food waste recycling with street bin collection. Find out here if yours does.

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Buying energy efficient appliances

When it’s time to replace white goods or other electrical equipment, choosing energy efficient appliances will save you money.

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