The Children's Wood

Posted by admin on 11th April 2014

We are delighted to be one of the winners of the Greener Together Awards 2014. The Children’s Wood volunteers have been working to help our community to live a greener and more sustainable life. We’ve been encouraging families and the community to get outdoors onto North Kelvin Meadow and The Children’s Wood (in Maryhill/North Kelvin area of Glasgow) all year round!

The project was initiated by a group of parents wanting to save North Kelvin Meadow and the Children’s Wood from development. We joined forces with the already existing North Kelvin Meadow Campaign so that children could continue to have a place to play and the community could connect with each other and nature.

Since then, the project has grown much bigger. At our first community event, 70 people showed up – despite pouring rain. We think this demonstrated the need and want in people to connect with their community and to be outside.

Our volunteers have been working with 14 local schools – including two special need schools, all within walking distance to the Meadow and Wood, to help them deliver the outdoor curriculum. We’ve started an outdoor playgroup, an outdoor learning club (run by 13 volunteers who have some level of Forest School training) and a growing group dedicated to growing fruit and veg on the land.

We’ve also put on hundreds of events for the community including nature events and the West End Festival. Our patron, local actor and dad Tam Dean Burn, has read many stories including the Gruffalo to thousands of children in the wood.

One of the main drivers behind our activities is that over the past few decades there have been increasing restrictions on children’s freedom to play and learn outside. Getting people outside more and encouraging them to take part in activities with others in the local community will help to build resilience, happiness and health. We also believe very strongly that encouraging local schools and the community to use their local green space – rather than hiring buses or driving - is a good model for living more sustainably.

Winning the Greener Together Award 2014 validates what we are doing to create a sustainable and greener future for our community. It also motivates us to do even more to help create a better future for our community.