Air quality exhibit

Posted by Michael.Thorburn on 1st February 2017

Here at Greener Scotland we thought we would share some exciting news from our colleagues at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). They recently launched an innovative new experience at the Glasgow Science Centre aimed at reinforcing the importance of urban air quality.

The ‘Clean air for Scotland’ exhibit, which opened on 18th January 2017, focuses on both the value of good air quality as well as the negative effects of pollution. Commissioned by the Scottish Government as part of their Cleaner Air for Scotland strategy, the exhibit is designed to help visitors discover the different sources of air pollutants and how poor air quality affects our health and the environment.

Colin Gillespie, Principal Air Scientist from SEPA, said:

Combating air pollution and its associated health issues isn’t a challenge unique to big cities, it’s an issue which we should all be mindful of when going about our daily lives. The exhibition highlights ways in which we can individually help to improve quality of life both for ourselves and our wider communities; it also shows the wider influences that planning and transport policies can have on the quality of the air we breathe.


We think that the exhibit sounds like the perfect mix of informative and good fun and with the content aimed at both adults and children, it’s the perfect recipe for a family day out. We will certainly be heading through to check it out for ourselves.

Colin’s sentiments were also shared by Dr Stephen Breslin, who is the Glasgow Science Centre Chief executive. He said:

The new ‘Clean Air for Scotland’ exhibit will act as a stimulus for visitors to Glasgow Science Centre, encouraging them to think about air quality and how they can play an active role in reducing air pollution. We know that air pollution affects our health and the environment but it’s important to understand that the choices we make in our day to day lives can affect how clean our air is. We are excited for our visitors to get hands on and discover more about the role they can play in improving air quality.


The new exhibit is the start of a larger educational package being developed by the Glasgow Science Centre on air quality and pupils from St Ninian’s Primary School in Hamilton were invited to attend the opening and share their experiences of learning about air quality. It’s hoped that the exhibit will provide inspiration for younger people, amongst others, to tackle air pollution and understand its effects on our own health, communities and the wider environment.

You can find out more information about the exhibit, and the Glasgow Science Centre as a whole by following this link to their homepage.