Every day heroes saving Scotland from climate change

Posted by Alex Crate on 23rd March 2016

We’ve been on the lookout for every day heroes from across the country who are living that little bit greener to help Scotland fight climate change. From washing at 30 degrees to walking to work, you’ve been showing us just how simple it can be to adopt sustainable lifestyle habits. 

The super mum

Fife-based mum of two and part-time student, Lisa Dolatpwski, has taken up walking to work, school and everywhere in-between, in a bid to stay active whilst doing her bit for the environment. 

“I started walking more and more a few years ago. My youngest son attends the local school and I found myself using the car less as I walked him to school in the mornings. It’s a great start to the day and allows me to spend quality time with my son. Eventually I got rid of the car and now I walk almost everywhere I go. It’s only recently I’ve realised it means I’m doing my bit for the environment, so now I’m determined to keep it up.”

The future thinker 

Edinburgh-based student, Felicity Hunt, is trying to change habits in her day-to-day life, having not previously been aware of the big impact that small changes can have, she now washes at 30 degrees. 

“I love my clothes and want to make sure they’re in the best condition so washing at 30 makes sense. A lot of my favourite pieces actually state that they should be washed at 30 on the label so it’s good knowing that as well as helping the environment, my clothes won’t get ruined. 

“Another motivation for doing something to help comes from seeing campaigns which promote the effect of climate change. I’m forever reading online the impact it’s having and what our governments are doing to tackle it yet it seems like such an enormous task. Knowing that making small changes in my day-to-day life will help fight the problem makes me realise its actually far simpler, and much more important, than I first thought.”

The unexpected hero 

Edinburgh-based English tutor and mum of one, Siobhan McGovern, has taken up washing at 30 degrees. She’s hoping to change more of her day-to-day habits and is even trying to pass them on to 14-year-old daughter, Miriam, in a bid to create a more sustainable family home.  

“About three years ago I decided to invest in a new washing machine. With so many to choose from I asked a sales advisor for advice. It was the advisor who told me all about eco-friendly washing machines. I had never really considered eco appliances before but hearing about the benefits had me sold.

“I was attracted to leading a greener lifestyle but, as a single parent, being told that washing at 30 would help reduce my energy bills was definitely more of a motivation to make these small changes at home. It’s not something that takes much effort and now it’s second nature.”

Our every day heroes are proving how simple it can be to make sustainable lifestyle changes, and, if we all do our bit, we truly can help Scotland fight climate change.