Go Greener Gaming

Posted by Neil Harrison on 14th July 2016

Getting people out of their car and walking more is one of our aims at Greener Scotland. Therefore, we are pleased with the arrival of the global craze of Pokemon Go to the UK.

As this article in the Mirror shows the game is already getting people off their sofas and walking outside far more.

My ‘in depth research’ about Pokemon Go with the team members who are under 35 started with terms like augmented reality and geo-caching. However, we've simplified it down to a global treasure hunt on your phone.

Rather than hopping onto a bus to get to a meeting this morning we pavement tested the game. We found 4 Pokemon on our 2 mile journey, enjoyed the weather and overall felt much better thanks to our stroll. We even found a Pokemon hiding within St Andrews House (without a security pass I might add) so we stopped on the landing to catch it (as walking down the stairs looking at a phone is never a good idea).

Could this type of gaming make a positive difference towards being greener?

For example, when the school holidays end, this could be one way to encourage the kids to walk to school with you rather than them pestering to be driven (while still following all the road safety rules).

Any suggestions welcome on how gaming can be used to help people adopt a greener lifestyle via our Twitter or Facebook pages.

Afterall, there are so many benefits. If you’re embarking on a short journey here are a few great reasons to leave the car and walk.

1. It’s good for your health. If you walk for 30-minutes longer each day, on average you will live 7-years longer.

2. It’s good for your wallet. Walking is free rather than a car journey that is typically 13p-15p per mile.

3. It’s good for your local environment and air quality as you’re not putting those horrible car fumes into the air.

4. It’s a good opportunity to catch a few more Pokemon and you can win medals within the game based on how far you have walked.

So, while computer games can often result in a more sedentary lifestyle, this is one which demands that you get out and about. If it helps you lead a greener and healthier lifestyle by swapping the car for the pavement all the better.