Growing the christmas dinner at school

Posted by admin on 24th December 2014

Lochgilphead Joint Campus came up with a novel and green project this year – the school decided to grow all the elements of a Christmas Dinner.

It started off as a relatively simple project, with pupils from different year groups researching traditional plants and then planting and finally harvesting them.

We already grew produce for the school kitchen and Home Economics departments and this year we also planted lots of herbs, potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, sweetcorn, parsnips, peas and onion, along with lemons, sweet chestnut and grapes. We then got a bit more ambitious, as the running joke had been that we were going to raise a turkey. So we fundraised around Easter time and bought the incubator, roosting box and cages. We decided on chickens as a more sensible option, and successfully reared three chickens (which are now living with the Science technician).

The project was great fun as we had lots of different people coming to visit and it also let the pupils see exactly how the plants grow. As you can see, our parsnips were particularly successful!

Our next project for this academic year is to grow all the elements of the Afternoon Tea… we are growing sugar, tea and wheat, along with the grapes and the lemons and strawberries. Who knows - we might even go and milk some cows.

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