Mike Small of consumer network Fife Diet on local and in-season food

Posted by admin on 22nd June 2012

The way we currently grow, distribute and shop for our food accounts for 30% of the UK’s carbon footprint. The best way to be part of the local food revolution that's shifting away from this model is to start engaging with seasonal, locally-sourced food.

Affordable veg box schemes up and down the country offer you fresh produce delivered to your door, support local producers and allow you to 'tune in' to seasonality. With little or no packaging waste is minimal and composting is also up with plenty of veg peelings! The combination means you are suddenly part of a positive loop. It's the right thing to do and it tastes good.

This time of year can be trickier but there are still some beautiful dishes that you can create using winter veg like beetroot, which is great roasted with carmelised onions for example. Leeks are also very versatile and you can’t beat roast parsnips! While veg like celeriac and red cabbage make great winter slaws and salads. There's even been a bit of a 'kailyard' revival recently with traditional Scottish recipes like skirlie, clapshot or rumbledethumps making a big comeback.

But, as we move out of the winter and start longing for spring, maybe something lighter is needed? So we suggest this wonderfully simple mackerel and rhubarb recipe. It’s easy, affordable and delicious.

All these recipes and more are on the Fife Diet website where you can also sign-up for our cooking and growing workshops. Welcome to the local food revolution!

Mike Small, Fife Diet