Non-green recycling

Posted by Neil Harrison on 5th September 2016

We’re taking a slight de-tour to give our support to Organ Donation Week from our friends at Healthier Scotland.

There are four simple reasons why.

1. “Reuse and recycle right! Get with the programme.” - John Hannah provided this quote to support the campaign. Reuse and recycle – we are in favour of that.

2. Their campaign includes people living a greener life, such as the gentleman above who is obviously buying in-season produce that has no extra packaging (we have forgiven the pineapple in the basket as needed something of a particular shape for modesty-reasons).

3. Turns out myth busting around organ donation is just as hot a topic as it is around climate change.

4. One organ donor can save up to seven lives and allow two people to see again.

So if you have any questions about being an organ donor or want to add your name to the NHS Organ Donor Register, please visit We Need Everybody.