Sharing knowledge and a lift

Posted by Neil Harrison on 22nd September 2016

Are you the champion in your workplace for encouraging your colleagues to adopt greener travel habits for their commute? Or do you know the person that is?

If you answered yes to either of these questions there is a new resource to help you: Travel Know How.

Travel Know How was developed by the Tayside & Central Scotland Transport Partnership and is now available for all areas across Scotland. 

This is an online toolkit supporting development and implementation of workplace travel plans. Users are offered exclusive access to a wealth of advice, guidance and downloadable resources to aid with encouraging more sustainable travel choices by staff and visitors.  As a member of Travel Know How organisations gain access to a website which guides them through the entire travel planning process from start to implementation in a clear and easy to follow way, providing all the support and tools needed to engage with employees and start changing travel behaviour within their own organisation. 

Part of a travel plan for a workplace could include greater use of lift-sharing among colleagues. This recent article published in the Scotsman by Lisa Freeman from SEStran highlights a number of benefits from greater use of lift-sharing.