Smarter Choices Smarter Places

Posted by Neil Harrison on 12th August 2016

What does a waterslide, beat boxes, electric cars and Kilmarnock Railway Station have in common?

They have all played their part in getting Scots to think about their travel habits.

Encouraging people out of their petrol and diesel cars into other forms of transport is a key part of the Scottish Government’s aims to make Scotland a greener and cleaner place to live. For example, fewer cars on the roads means improved local air quality.

Smarter Choices, Smarter Places is a programme that provides funding to local authorities to enable them to make changes or run events in their local area that will result in more journeys by foot, bicycle, public transport or car share. The 2015/2016 activities included:

  • A giant waterslide in Aberdeen city centre as part of In Town Without My Car Day.
  • Annan and Dalbeattie communities went head to head in a Beat Boxes challenge to see who could clock up the most miles walking or cycling over 6-weeks. 90% of those who took part said they would continue their more active travel behaviour.
  • Dundee’s car club provides its members with access to a fleet of modern, efficient vehicles, thereby offsetting the need for members to own or operate one or more private vehicles and helping households to manage the amount they spend on travel more effectively.
  • An Active Travel Hub was established within Kilmarnock Railway Station to promote the benefits of walking and cycling. This offers a range of services including personalised personal and workplace travel planning.

For more details on these and other projects delivered through Smarter Choices, Smarter Places please visit the Paths for All website. The success of these projects show that there are viable alternatives to jumping in the car.

If you want to make smarter choices for your travel, especially the shorter journeys, visit our Greener Travel section and take our Quiz.